Lower School

The Lower School accepts students from PreK3 through grade 5. We teach an American-style curriculum, with an additional focus on internationalism, to celebrate our many diverse cultures. Class size is limited to 20 learners, and there is a teacher and a teaching assistant in each class. Classrooms are attractive and spacious. We offer English Language Learner and some Special Needs support as needed.

Day field trips are an important and enriching part of our curriculum. Lower School teachers arrange field trips to supplement units of study, and students visit local cultural and natural sites as well as businesses.


Our Preschool program is for young children aged three and four. It offers support for French speaking students. Our preschoolers learn through a hands-on multi-sensory teaching approach; in addition, we emphasize social skills and individual responsibility.

Teaching units integrate language arts, social studies, mathematics, and science. The children also enjoy physical education and library lessons, as well as creative arts. Preschoolers attend ASD from 7:50 until 1:00.


Our Kindergarten continues in the same manner as our Preschool, but with a stronger academic focus. Instruction is in English, with French taught as a daily lesson by native speakers. Kindergarten children attend school from 7:50 until 1:00.

Elementary School

Grades 1-5 complete our Lower School. Learners have core lessons in language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, and French, plus additional lessons in physical education, library, computers, and the arts. The school day runs from 7:50 to 14:55.

100% university acceptance rate!

Our graduates and alumni have offers from McGill University, Cornell University, Boston College, Florida International University, Carnegie Mellon, Ottawa University, Emory University, Houston Community College, Bryant University, and Boston University.