The American School of Douala strives to develop students that will be competitive, self-confident, compassionate, and positively contribute to our global community. ASD provides a supportive, multi-cultural environment with a high-standard American curriculum, encouraging students to reach their maximum potential.

ASD School Board

ASD’s school board consists of nine members elected from the parent community, plus the U. S. consul and the school’s Director.

The Board is dedicated to the continued improvement of the school and its curriculum. The Board, the parents, and the staff are enthusiastic and share common goals for the school’s future, which are achieved through strategic planning.

We invite all parents to take an active interest in school governance and become involved.

100% university acceptance rate!

Our graduates and alumni have offers from McGill University, Cornell University, Boston College, Florida International University, Carnegie Mellon, Ottawa University, Emory University, Houston Community College, Bryant University, and Boston University.